There is always an over-whelming debate going over the mobile friendliness of a website since Google launched its first specified criterion for ranking based on mobile friendliness of the website in 2013. No massive advancements had been made by Google later in this regard till Google officially declared recently that April 2015 will see a new era of search engine ranking highly based on mobile friendliness of the websites specially for the mobile users. All of it is going to be done to escalate the search engine ranking standards and to open doors of innovation and novelty in the field of search engine marketing. It would become inevitable for all online businesses to establish a stronger mobile friendly identity of their website (if they don’t posses one) or revitalize their mobile marketing strategy. The Google Search Engine Algorithm will be updated in a way that would automatically pick those websites as the results of search queries made by the users which would fulfill the modern day standards of being mobile friendly.

How you can optimize your website’s mobile identity:

All the marketers working on the websites of their clients and promoting them on Google must know that its time to take the next step towards improving the mobile friendliness of the respective websites. For this purpose, there are some very important and abrupt changes that you could make to enhancing the scope of any website.

  • The website should be built with a strong keywords strategy
  • The website should either have a responsive layout or there should be two separate versions of the website “one for the desktop and other for the mobile”.
  • More Visual Content (video and images based content) must be incorporated to the websites to make them mobile friendly.
  • Addition of important call-to-action phrases on homepage of the mobile website
  • Easy Mobile Navigation on all mobile browsers

All of these are the factors which be taken into consideration as quickly as possibly in order to add versatility to the mobile friendliness of the website. You need to do it in this month as in late April, there can be some dramatic scenario originating for different online businesses.

Get your Mobile Apps indexed with Google Apps Indexes:

Google Indexing is another discipline that the search engine marketers need to ponder upon to improve the chances of the online businesses achieve higher ranks in the search engine results pages. If you have an online business that is run by your mobile apps then Google Indexing of the apps improves their ranking and allows them to come in top search queries made by the registered users.

Why your website needs to be Mobile Friendly:

Its time to know the real time facts and add maximum boost to your existing search engine marketing strategy. There can be no alternative to achieving online business success if you are able to gain optimum recognition from all different online platforms. Social media that has achieved so much of fame and public acceptance actually owes its success to the arrival of smart phones and hand-held tablets in a considerable proportion. This is the reason why Google and other search engines have started giving so much importance to the mobile friendliness of a website specially to entertain the mobile users. Google is going to list those websites higher in the search ranks which keep good care of the mobile usability of their online identity. It is time to act than to linger on and wait for your competitors to surpass you. It is highly suggested for all online businesses to optimize their websites before the upcoming changes in Google Algorithm are brought into place in order to avoid the discrepancies of the eleventh hour work.