There are changes made in the search engine algorithms on regular basis and this is what demands the SEO as a process to keep on evolving. Google being the most significant traffic driving force for all online platforms continues to evolve its algorithm for the sake of avoiding Spam activities and to enhance the user-friendliness of search engine standards. As the search engine algorithms do not remain constant for a longer while, your search engine optimization cannot remain constant as well. There needs to be a level of dynamism maintained in the the SEO techniques so that you can maintain top ranks for your websites on the basis of your specific business keywords irrespective of the updates made in the algorithm of search engines. The yearly updates in this regard are of greater significance as they involve the changes made after observing the yearly practices of search engines marketing and the behavior of users. As we have come to the year 2015, there are few important changes that are made in the search engine algorithms and they need to be comprehended and given attention to in order to maintain those rankings attained in the year 2014.

Mobile Friendliness matter more than ever before:

Mobile Friendliness of any website is now given the highest of attention than in any of the earlier updates from Google. Mobile Friendliness has become that much important for any online business because of the fact that a flux of online traffic these days comes through the mobile sites. In the digital age that is constantly taking things towards ultimate comfort, it is needed the most to improve the digital identity of every business as well. The online businesses are advised to pay maximum attention to either developing a mobile version for their website or follow the idea of one responsive website that fulfills all their needs of mobile friendliness. Those websites which are mobile friendly are going to be ranked higher in the search engine results pages in the year 2015.

Long Tail Keywords will boost your SEO Strategy:

The use of long tail keywords will boost the scope of your SEO strategy. With the help of long tail keywords, you can make your web pages easy to search for the users with specific search queries. Long tail keywords are a combination of primary keywords with further adjectives attached to them.
Following could be the long tail keywords derived from a primary keyword:
Main Keyword: Green Vegetables
Long Tail Keywords: Green Vegetables for good health, best markets for Green Vegetables, Green Vegetables with more iron.
Now there could exist a variety of long tail keywords that could be used for one simple major keyword and this ensures the fact that keywords density for all major keywords is maintained in the best suitable proportion. Google has started penalizing the websites on the basis of high keywords density which it considers now as a Spam. Long Tail Keywords must be used to enhance the chance of your online business appearing more in the search engines for the specific queries of the users.

Content is still the King:

You should never divert your focus from the importance of content for the strength of your online identity. The websites with effective content in line with guidelines of the Google for Keywords density and heading styles are given the highest priority by Google. Further different content marketing techniques and tools are present which can further enhance the levels of impact that the content leaves on their users. The reputation of any websites can easily be enhanced with the power of interactive content that indulges the audience. This is why content of the websites needs serous attention in 2015 as was the case in 2014 as well.


You need to keep on evolving your SEO strategies in order to regulate the search engine friendliness of your website in an effective way. The SEO strategies from the last year might need complete overhaul or little tinkering here and there to stabilize the ship for you this year. This is important as the old strategy would always need changes in accordance with the latest search engine updates. The importance of the three aspects mentioned in this article can not be taken lightly in 2015 and focusing them will certainly lead to fruitful results for your SEO strategy this year.