Online businesses must recognize the importance of Google as the giant of the online world with more than 117 Billion people using Google as their main information platform. Google has set many trends in recent times and has been ruling all other search engines with its highly potent search engine algorithm, user friendliness and the tried and tested nature. Most of the people all around the world searching on the internet would trust Google with their eyes closed and that is what make Google set highest of standard to compete with its opponents. Such strategies from Google can halt the smooth progress of many online businesses working on a static strategy and not renewing it with changes in Google algorithms. There are a number of Google Marketing tools that Google itself endorses for marketers to build a strong strategy for their online business to be ranked highly in the search engine results pages.

We shall discuss here 5 of the must have marketing tools from Google for the marketers:


Google+ comes with the social media boom. With major traffic share of social media driven by Facebook, the importance of Google+ can be taken for granted by the marketers corresponding to the similarities between the platforms and that Facebook is an established entity. But this could prove to be a serious mistake in identifying the actual scope of any online business on social media and to get it ranked higher in the search engines. Google according to the latest updates takes help from its Google+ news feed while responding to the specific queries of the users in its search engine results pages. Any business that does not have a profound Google+ identity might suffer in rankings as it won’t have anything tho show to Google in that regard. Google+ is a must have for all the online marketers.

Google Business Listing:

Google Business Listing is another highly effective Google Marketing tool for your business. There are massive benefits of getting your business listed on Google Business Listing pages as it allows you to endorse your business free of cost on the world’s most famous search platform. With your business being listed with Google Business Listing, it will be possible to attract more of your target audiences and it will also make them have the idea of the location of your business and how they can reach you. The most desired target audience can be attained with the help of Google Listing and it can prove to be a landmark for your business growth.

Google Webmaster Tool:

Add Google Webmaster Tool to your inventory of Google Marketing Tools and reap the best online advantages possible. It is due to the reason that Google Webmaster Tool is an essential tool for all the online businesses to track the performance of their business website without paying any cost. Google Webmaster Tool once set for your website can provide you the knowledge of all existing errors needed to be removed to improve the online identity of your website and also tell you about the gradual performance of your business in terms of catching the attention of your target audience.

Keywords Planner of Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is a technically potent tool especially for Paid advertising campaigns. But the Google AdWords Keywords Planner tool is an excellent tool to finalize a set of keywords for your online business to represent you on different online and social media platforms. Through AdWords Keywords Planner, you can easily search out for a number of keywords categories and have suggestions based on specific localities, competition and target audiences. It is a must have tool for the marketer as it helps a lot while the branding phase of any online business.


If you are wondering to see Youtube listed here as the Google Marketing Tools then you must get to know now that Youtube has been recognized as the Google’s product since 2006. Youtube has a huge fan base and by using it for your video marketing campaigns, you can make your online business go very dear to Google. Google displays results in its results pages from the Youtube Feed and highly recommends marketers to use Youtube for the paid and non-paid campaigns. In order to get your business ranked highly in the most powerful Search Engine in the world you must focus your attention to launching a Youtube Channel for your online business. This would add great impetus to your marketing strategy and bring sustainability to the flow of your online success.