Virtual Assistant Services

Hire a Virtual Assistant from Intelliteams to accomplish all the important technical, administrative and support tasks as per your requirement. The reliability comes with the name of Intelliteams and our ultra-efficient virtual assistance staff is well-equipped to deal with all your major and minor assistance demands. Intelliteams provides highly orchestrated framework for virtual assistance making sure all your business principles have a strong base to excel with effectiveness.

Virtual assistance becomes an essential part of your online business armory in following circumstances:

  • Your in-house staff is unable to give you the desired performance

  • You want commitment of extra hours of work which your existing employees might not be willing to do

  • You could look for diversity of work from one resource to manage multiple tasks in quick time with 100% accuracy

  • You are looking to save the cost of hiring a new resource as part of your in-house staff

  • You are looking for more technical finesse in some of your major complicated tasks

All of these could be the most fundamental reasons for hiring a virtual assistant and in order to add maximum value to your business functioning, you must go for conducive virtual assistance. Intelliteams has the experience of over 10 years in the field of business processing outsourcing and provides its clients with the competent and dynamic virtual assistance services making sure your business is building towards strength.

Our Virtual Assistance Services:

We deliver vast range of virtual assistance services to our clients with optimal levels of professional competence. Our team of virtual assistants consists of professionals with multi-dimensional approach to solving all the complex business tasks with relative ease and proficiency.

Listed below are the virtual assistance services we offer to our clients:

Webmaster Tool Management:

In Webmaster Management, our virtual Assistance covers all the important services for observing the performance of your website in major search engines.

We manage following aspects in this regard:

  • Growth analysis of the online business website

  • Ranking Indicators for Search Engines

  • Back Links Maintenance

  • Crawl and HTML Errors Identification

  • Site Indexing

Online Research:

Online research is an elementary feature of our virtual assistance services. We have a team of virtual assistance professionals that is always ready to explore for the new and massive growth avenues for your business. From reaching out the best markets to endorse your business to finding new business partners for your online growth, we search everything that maximizes your potential.

Data Entry:

When it comes to data entry, our potent virtual assistance team provides you with the best services in the town. We don’t just claim it but we prove it with our performance. In data entry, we deal with data entry and processing of data for all different industries like health and insurance etc. Our virtual assistants have optimum expertise and they can deliver the best growth solutions with error free data entry.

Email Management:

Are you sick of opening your inbox again and again and moving through different folders to find the most important emails for your business? If that is the case with you; then our virtual assistance is especially designed to sort it out. Our virtual assistants will manage your inbox and filter it in a professional way to keep you updated with the most important business emails and also to reply them on your behalf as per your set preferences. In this way, you can save all your valuable time and converge your essential focus on the ultimate essentials of your business.

Competitor Analysis:

Yes, our virtual assistance is spread on a magnanimous canvas and we put in front of you some of the most ideal BPO services as part of our virtual assistance. We perform the business research and refine it in a way to find best growth outcomes for your business. We do it primarily by lying our principal focus on your competitor study. This opens the gates of explorations in terms of how you need to refine your business strategy to conquer their’s and how you can excel to the front rows leaving them behind with target oriented approach.

Industry Knowledge for Startups:

Are you a startup company looking to gain maximum knowledge of your industry with accurate details? If yes, then Intelliteams Virtual Assistance is the way to move forward. Hire our virtual assistant now and get all the logical information about your industry to make an over-whelming business strategy that will help you in smooth functioning of your business.

Hire Virtual Assistants from Intelliteams and get your business on track.