How we Work

We have a highly mechanized framework of working in which we bring into play all the modern day practices of business processing outsourcing. Our technical depth in the field of business processing and years of professional experience combine together to make a blend that could be an asset for consistent business success. We deal with all the complexities on our end and bring the most elaborated and simplified data processing solutions for our clients. Our style of working is advanced and methodical and we take pride in managing all the BPO tasks of different projects with 100% levels of accuracy.

Listed below is the whole scheme in which we carry out our functions professionally:

1st Phase: Analysis of the Project Requirements

This is the phase in which our professional research and development team analyzes all the aspects that are linked with the fundamental requirements of the project. In this phase we complete the study of the project type, its essentials and any existing strategy. We also perform the competitor analysis and market trends study in this phase if required by the client.

2nd Phase: Project Pathway and Costs Finalization

In the 2nd phase, we plan a strategy for the compilation of all the tasks part of a project. We analyze the deductions from the first phase and suggest the number of resources, working hours and project costs to our clients. This is just a preliminary step and the final decision is made in this regard after receiving the client’s input. While, the terms and conditions are agreed upon for a specific pricing plan as mentioned in our pricing page, we begin the execution phase of the strategy already compiled.

3rd Phase: Execution with Free Project Manager

The trademark of our working methodology that helps us supersede our competitors is the way we look after our clients. We enter the execution phase for all the strategies to be implemented and provide our clients with the services of a project manager for effectively zero cost. This enhances the levels of professionalism in the executions of all tasks. Every task is completed and verified by the Project Manager and then the details are handed over to the clients. This channeled working methodology fundamentally removes any chances of loopholes left in execution.

4th Phase: Assembly of Results

Once all the project related tasks are met with and nothing else is left, the results are assembled to verify everything for one last time. The project manager leads the whole process and asks the resources to fine tune every single detail in the most professional way.

5th Phase: Project Completion Report

After the Assembly of all the results, a comprehensive report is designed that is user friendly and easy to comprehend for our clients. The Completion report consists of all the procedures undertaken along with their outcomes and the final status of all tasks. It is then handed over to the client.

Our effective Working Methodology reaps results:

We have successfully dealt with vast range of BPO projects following the specific methodology that we have designed for our team. Our supreme professionalism and classy work standards have resulted in building great trust of our clients on our credentials and this is what keeps us moving. The streamline processing of all types of data enable our clients to trust us and hand over their most complex project to us. We work on decided terms and give the whole control to our clients so that they remain satisfied and take active part in the project completion.