Quality and Quantity can be two leading criterion in the formulation of a highly reliable data search. You need to keep a good mix of qualitative and quantitative data search if you need to strengthen the base of your data collection and know your target audience in the most profound manner. Data search can be made highly effective and lead to handsome business growths if it is based on highly prioritized data analysis practices. At one side, quantitative data tells you the real-time figures to explore the most important online stats regarding your business growth, traffic generation and desired target audience, qualitative data tells you about the fundamental practices influencing the latest growing online business trends in the market. A mix of both can do wonders to your business and can lead to massive online progression of your business driving more leads and being highly beneficial.

We shall discuss here in detail why both qualitative and quantitative data search methods are important and which method takes a slight edge over the other in this regard.

Basic Queries about Online Data Search for Business Growth:

There are definitely some very common and few highly complex questions; in need of their answers while conducting an online data search for Business Growth.

These questions can be like:

• How many visitors see a particular post in a specific time-frame?
• What kind of users like a distinctive online business post?
• When are the most number of people conducting their searches?
• Why are people inclined towards some specific searches?
• What searches are made in a specific locality by a specific set of audience?
• How much converged or diverged type of audience is involved in doing different searches?

All of these are the most vital questions that every marketer must ask oneself in the beginning of a data search as it refines a number of complexities in a significant way. There is a vast array of online tools and software available to aid in both quantitative and qualitative data search and there is huge scope for manual online search as well in this regard. You can choose any of the medium for online search as per your ease and interest but all of the above mentioned questions must be the stepping stones of your online data search for growth of any online business.

Quantitative Data Search:

It has its own importance in the field of data search. When you are measuring specific online trends, it helps a great deal if you have hard facts to support your search. Real-time counts about any particular search query affirm the magnitude of your search and take it to the most optimized level. With Quantitative data you can easily research about few of the following research domains:

• Number of visitors with interest in a specific brand
• Count of the clicks generated on a specific platform (online or social)
• Number of returning visitors to a distinctive website or online business
• Time Spent on a website
• Number of social shares
• Revenue Analysis
• Percentage Analysis for all the conversions

All of these quantitative details prove to be an effective support but it does not lead a data search campaign on itself. Qualitative Analysis for any business market, industrial survey or local audience trends is the real force that maximizes the potential for the growth of any online business. Quantitative observations can be a good way to move forward but the qualitative domains are the real propellers.

Qualitative Data Search:

Qualitative Data Search is always more focused, result oriented, strategy formulating and self-explanatory. With Qualitative Data search, you come to know of different aspects that can directly tell the indicators about the optimum growth process of an online business, how gradually it is peeking towards success, what are the loopholes and the best strategies to overcome them. The analytical data received from qualitative data search goes a long way and gives the roadmap to solve the most critical complexities.
Following could be the possible outcomes of a qualitative data search:
• Information about the accomplished tasks
• The Insights about how efficiently different tasks were executed
• Error Deduction
• Possible Strategies to move forward with
• Revenue Generation Analysis to enhance productivity

There is not a huge difference between the impact of the quantitative and qualitative data on the health on an online business but still there are characteristics that award a higher pedigree to the qualitative data search. It is important to understand the needs of a business project and then conduct the search on it using both the qualitative and quantitative means. In this way success can be achieved without any hassle and sustained for the longer term.