5 Must Have Google Marketing Tools for your Business

Online businesses must recognize the importance of Google as the giant of the online world with more than 117 Billion people using Google as their main information platform. Google has set many trends in recent times and has been ruling all other search engines with its highly potent search engine algorithm, user friendliness and the […]

Manage your Blog with a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be the most important asset for your online business especially when it comes to regular management of your blog. In the very beginning of any business, young aspiring professionals who wish to build an online identity for themselves that would help those becoming entrepreneurs, there are a number of tasks that […]

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Facebook is now supporting GIF images

Facebook has lately but correctly allowed the posts in GIF format to be published as new posts or news feed. The leading social media platform “Facebook” has confirmed the news saying they have turned on the support for GIF Feature to allow its users; go and express them in a friendlier and brighter way.
“GIF is […]

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Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Data Search

Quality and Quantity can be two leading criterion in the formulation of a highly reliable data search. You need to keep a good mix of qualitative and quantitative data search if you need to strengthen the base of your data collection and know your target audience in the most profound manner. Data search can be […]

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