Online Businesses demand continuous online recognition to add new users to their clientele and Social Media is the best source to provide just that. Social Media marketing in recent times has grown its stature from being merely a secondary source of online business advertising to a mainstream business marketing principle for the online media. Social Media platforms offer numerous opportunities for startups, mid-frames and the established companies to have the equal share of luck due to an ever growing social media population. This urges the online business companies to keep their solid interest in social media marketing while taking best advantage of the their potential target audience present on different social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube share the maximum part of the social media population which leaves no doubt that they will be the preferred internet marketing options. But there are some other growing social media channels that can also prove to be a real value for all your online business endeavors if a diversified social media marketing strategy is brought into play.

We shall share here few of the rapidly growing social media platforms which can boost the success graph of any online business if given their due attention:


Instagram by nature is a photo-sharing social media platform. Instagram came into recognition as a real social media channels in 2014 when it introduced the sponsored ads to be displayed as part of the user feeds. Instagram has grown into stature rather surprisingly owing to some amazing marketing features that the platform offers. Instagram mainly focuses on photos and video content and companies can remain in touch with their customers through worth-while visual interaction with them. The soothing use of hash tags has also provided real boost to the scope of profits Instagram can generate. Any marketing campaign can go viral with decent visual content and properly managed hash tags on Instagram. The use of hash tags has specially enhanced the levels of competition between the companies as they are needed to be used in a versatile manner every time. Using Instagram along with the fundamental social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube can prove to be a massive support in growing the reach of an online business.


Whoever says that Google+ has lost its luster soon after it had been launched in year 2011 has not understood few important aspects of modern online markeitng. Google+ can never been deemed as a declining social media platform as it can add great value to your business by pushing your website’s ranking higher in the Google search engine listings. Google is the largest search engine and it plays the biggest part in enriching an online business with optimum success if the business has a stable identity on Google+. The search crawlers of Google look out for the required content in Google+ pages and feed them into the refined results to the users. This is how Google+ can be taken as an influential player in the social media marketing world.


Pinterest is another social media platform that uses imagery as its main force just like Instagram. However, there are some marked differences in the functioning of the two and the impact they have on the success of the online businesses. Pins are generated with every new photo shared and that becomes highly viral because the pin then connects to all the related pins out of over 30 billion existing pins. This correlation can earn great respite for the online business companies as it offers them a platform to widen the scope of the business and see what others in the same niche are doing to strengthen their identity. Pinterest also creates a do-follow link to the source website from where the image has been posted which enhances the search engine exposure of the website. All these factors highlight the capacity of Pinterest to be an exciting source of online marketing for business companies of all disciplines.

Think out of the Box with Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing needs to be brought into place in a dynamic manner to facilitate the users in the best proportion. There are so many social media platforms asking the online businesses to take their support to diversify their business strategy. Along with the Social Media giants like Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn; there are some massive platforms available which have the potential to be the future knights of the social media. You must not get your social media campaign boggled while thinking too much about which social media platform to choose for your marketing campaign. You just need to build a highly dynamic but stable identity for your business on social media and that comes with bringing the growing social media platforms into your marketing plan. This is how your business will prosper and you will seek the most desired growth.