Web Research

Intelliteams is highly profound in dealing with all your web research tasks. We all know how important it is in this day and age to keep your business standards up to mark according to the latest advancements in business protocols of the industry. Our BPO Team is highly skillful in managing all your web research tasks with 100% accuracy to enhance the positivity in the business outcomes for our clients. There are a number of different aspects that could be covered under the umbrella of web research in Business Processing Outsourcing. Some of the fundamental principle in web research include the updates about particular products, websites, customer behavior and performance indicators of a brand. It also involves making a potent marketing strategy for the client’s business and suggesting suitable measure for their implementation. We have the performance oriented staff for all your BPO projects related to Web Research that ensures complete satisfaction of clients with their competent expertise in this field.

Our Specialties in Web Research BPO Projects:

We believe in finding effective novel ways to perform conventional tasks so that our client’s business can have that extra boost giving it edge over the competitors. We have a concrete working methodology that we follow to devise working plans that compliment our client’s demands. In Web Research we feed our clients with all the essential BPO services that can keep their business in good shape and fulfill all their basic requirements.

Listed below are few of our major expertise in the field of web research Business Processing Outsourcing:

  • Conducting market research, surveys, developing questionnaire and collecting targeted data

  • Collection of competitor information using market research and data analysis techniques

  • Data Collection from various websites as well as market research and managing data into Excel sheets or Access files

  • Data extraction and data collection from websites via software and spiders

  • Data collection for articles and news stories

  • Data Collection from online newspapers

Our Project Manager that is part of every BPO Project coordinates all our activities in a way that we can extract best potential out of our resources. This keeps our clients highly contented with our efforts. With the help of our web research based upon the competitor’s business strategy analysis, we offer our clients an opportunity to boost the success levels of their business.

To whom we offer our Services:

We are not industry or business niche limited and offer our web research BPO services to multiple business niche and industries. From Telecom, health care and IT to Insurance, airline and ecommerce companies, all come in our services providing range. We are diverse and versatile in our working style which helps us adapt quickly and this leads to excellence in our working.

Our Web Research Budget Packages:

We focus on keeping the cost of all BPO projects within a certain limit so that our customers can take full advantage of our services. We are not only cost efficient for our clients but we also add value to their investment by providing free of cost project manager for every project. This separates us from other BPO service providers in the market as they charge big bucks for allocating a project manger in a new project. Our Pricing plans are quite flexible and specially designed in a way that they can add maximum productivity for all businesses. You can customize any budget plan according to your requirements and set of tasks to be completed. We offer our clients complete control of their projects so that they can remain in touch and see every activity themselves.

Contact us and hire our web research team for your BPO projects.