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Web Research

Web Research for Data and Information

Web research to find latest information and updates regarding a product, website, technology, business, customer orientation or marketing plan is common nowadays. If you are looking for expert services in any of these areas or need a customize service for your data research needs, send an email or call us Now.

Web research and data collection specialists at IntelliTeams are expert in:•  

  • Conducting market research, surveys, developing questionnaire and collecting targeted data
  • Collection of competitor information using market research and data analysis techniques.
  • Data Collection from various websites as well as market research and managing data into Excel sheets or Access files.
  • Data extraction and data collection from websites via software and spiders.
  • Data collection for articles and news stories
  • Data Collection from online newspapers









IntelliTeams web research specialists are expert enough to conduct market research and relevant data collection by using extensive internet research techniques. They are well aware of how to carry out data analysis and proven data management qualities.

We cater all sorts of businesses including insurance, healthcare, IT, legal, telecom, e-commerce and airline. Our vast experience of handling web research, market research and error free data entry makes us perfect choice for outsourcing your web research needs. We offer competitive services at low cost and strive to maintain quality standards to give the best results to our clients.

Intelliteams is committed to provide best services to its customers:

- Quality check processes in place with proper follow up.

-  Expert data researchers well equipped with research techniques and sources  on-line.

- On time delivery of project.

- Regular follow up with client to make sure project is on track

- Free project management structure to take care of your project on your behalf.

Sample Rates – Intelligent Web Research and Data Collection

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