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Website Content Development

[ 0 ] April 29, 2011 |

Website design and content are the two most important areas for setting up one’s online presence. If you are a small entrepreneur or a big IT company, you will have a different angle for both these things. Website content and design should be aligned with your prospective customer and their needs in mind. There are NO standard rules and guidelines for website development and content writing that can assure more traffic on your website.

Question is what leads to more traffic on a website and how can you make your website work for you?

Answering this question has become a nightmare for you and you have been working hard to understand the magical combination. Well, here you are!!

Winning over your competitors, attracting more traffic to your website, converting more leads into customers is not a magical formula; rather it is a logical combination of a few core techniques.

All of the above can be achieved by giving a bit more serious thought to the way you have been handling your website design and content. How to do this?

– Look at your website design. Is it user friendly? Can customers easily navigate to a section which is most important for them? Have you made the important sections shine on your website?

– Look at the content of your homepage and other important pages. Do they speak enough about you? Are they stuffed with text or is there a winning combination of images and text to graphically say it all?

– Is your website SEO friendly? Does it comply with the standard PR criteria? (For more information see here

– Are you using other mediums such as blogs, forums, articles, press releases, for your publicity? If you think these are a waste of time, it is time move ahead of your thoughts and see what is happening out there in the WWW world. (Read

BOTTOM LINE: Your website should address two main players; search engines and your customers.


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