Media Transcription

One of our profound expertise in Transcription services is Media Transcription. We have a strong team of Media Transcriptionists that is ready to work within any time lines with equal efficacy and professional focus helping our clients achieve growth and success. Its time for you to get your radio shows, pod casts, documentary, videos, talk shows, recorded interviews and many other media files converted to a professionally transcribed text script. We deal in any turnaround time with customized cost effective plans.

What we offer in Media Transcription:

We offer a number of important media transcription services thanks to our diverse skills in this field. Our team of media transcription team is highly qualified in fulfilling each task in a Media Transcription project with effective precision and reliability. The best feature of our services that gets highlighted from our work is the standard and quality that we strive to maintain to best levels. Media Transcription tasks are not that easy to comprehend and they need specialized set of expertise to handle the most minute of the details as anything missed can lead to potential loss. We are expert in dealing with transcription provided to us by our clients in any medium from video to audio and from pod cast to the recorded interviews. We are always at ease in simplifying all the complexities of our work as we have the required experience and skillet in this regard.

How we are best at Media Transcriptions:

We provide our clients high quality work with good customer support and coordinated effort. This is our success tool that we manage all our projects in a highly coordinated manner and offer our clients all the necessary major and minor services that can lead to their project’s success.

Be ahead of your competition by outsourcing all your media transcription needs to Intelliteams because we give you:

  • Faster turnaround time.
  • State of the art automated transcription for accuracy.
  • Professional Captioning services for videos which increases their visibility and impact.
  • Skilled staff working 24/7 to transcribe our customers’ media into valuable text and captions.
  • Cost effective plans
  • Free Project Management.

We have dealt with a large number of successful media transcription projects and our cutting-edge services have given a distinct boost to our clients business strategy with the implementation of soothing media transcriptions. The impact of media transcriptions could be small or large according to the nature of the business and project itself but we promise our clients the same levels of dedication and accuracy in all different projects we deal with.