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How We Work

Complete Control Over Your Team

We work in an efficient way to make your job simple and give you competitive results.  Whether you hire a team or an individual, you will have complete control over your project by direct communication with the resources. They will be available for online communication in a flexible time window which will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Since we promise greater efficiency, a FREE OF COST Project Manager will be overseeing the progress of your project to ensure that targets are well understood and achieved on time.

Flexible for Varying Business Models

However, we understand the unique business models of our varying clients and know the importance of a dedicated Manager who can set the project right on track on your behalf. If you want to hire a full-time, dedicated Project Manager for your own project who will be only responsible for tracking and managing progress of your project, we have just the right people for you.

Highly skilled and well trained Project Managers can be hired for your project who will manage your resources, timelines, deliverables, data integrity, implementation of quality assurance and quality control processes, training of new resources in the team according to the requirements, training for improvement and much more.

To know more about IntelliTeams, feel free to Contact Us.