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Data Management and Processing

Now a day’s most of the businesses depend on Data Management, Data Processing and Data Analysis in order to stay updated and compete and have competitive advantage. Many companies, in order to be cost effective and time saving, outsource their data management, data processing and data analysis.

If you are having problems with integrity of your data, IntelliTeams is right here to help you out for Data Services. We know exactly how to make your data error free and ensure 100% accuracy. With our expertise in Data Management we are able to process huge amounts of data in short time frame and also refine to the maximum possible level. Whether you are looking for formatting, data capture, reformatting, or just refining current information, our data management services cater it all.

Our Data Management Service Include:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Research
  • Data Processing
  • Form Processing
  • Survey Processing

We offer processing services for the following data:

  • Insurance claims
  • Checks
  • Forms
  • Transactions
  • E-Catalogs

At IntelliTeams, we take pride in having efficiently trained staff for Data Services that takes care of all your needs in a productive way. You can now outsource your data management and processing needs at low costs and expect greater efficiency.

Contact Us now to get a plan for your data management and processing needs.

Sample Rates – Continuous/Periodic Updates

Records Updates per MonthResources
Cost Per Resource
Project Manager (Free of Cost, $0)
Total Monthly Cost
2500020 $871.08
1 $17,421.60
1500012 $871.08
1 $10,452.96
2000015 $871.08
1 $13,066.20