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About Us

We provide great Business Process Outsourcing services specialized in data research and data mining. IntelliTeams strives to provide the best quality data customized according to our customer’s needs. We have professionally trained staff with smart brains who know exactly what is required in a specific task and can deliver on time with accuracy. IntelliTeams understands the importance of data integrity and has quality control processes in place to ensure 100% reliable and accurate data for our clients.

We are a Connecticut based BPO Company that has full commitment to provide the best to its customers. We provide services from SEO, data processing, data cleanup, data backup, image scanning, data conversion to more expansive services such as suggesting best marketing strategies for a specific target market, getting competitors’ data for new product launch, sending and collecting customer surveys and much more.

You can have your own researchers who will be supervised by a Manager to ensure that deliverables are logged and completed on time and data integrity checks are kept in place all the time. You can also hire a proper team with a Project Manager who will be managing entire project for you.